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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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right now that will do it for us tonight. i will be back at 9:00 p.m. eastern with the kelly file followed by special two hour edition of hannity at 10:00. >> a special live edition of "the five." heres bill. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no formal talking points memo because we have information about the indiana primary. first up, trump won, room to spare. second, looks like sanders will defeat hillary clinton although no one will say that but me. third, here is martha maccallum to tell us how it went down according to the exit polling. before we get to that, though. i called this race for trump three weeks ago as you know. i said after the new york primary. >> what have we been doing all this for. >> i don't know why you are doing this and staying up late and running 24 hours a day. the process is the process
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and i respect the process. but it was clear to me after new york and that, you know, huge that he was going to sweep in. that's exactly what's happened. here are the numbers that we have thus far. and we are awaiting ted cruz who is probably going to speak during this hour and we will take a good part of the senator'sere is is going ton now. made announcement made by him. one of two things, is he either going to california or hanging it up. now, the headline of the exit polling is? >> i think there is two headlines. the outsider headline continues to ring true. more than anything else, what these voters in indiana wanted was an outsider by huge numbers. they also are very concerned about the u.s. economy. and 92% say they are either concerned or very concerned. they believe that donald trump, who has spoken to them since last summer about fixing trade deals, about bringing manufacturing back to the united states, that's
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what matters to these voters and ted cruz had made a bet that they were very conservative, that he could win enough, bring them out in large enough numbers and he did win with very conservative. the problem is that the majority of g.o.p. voters or the independents who went g.o.p. tonight are not very conservative. they fall much more into the somewhat conservative and moderate. >> 62% were moderate or what conservative and the rest very conservative. this is what they call an open primary. nibble can vote for nibble. >> right. >> on the democratic side what did we see in the exit polling? >> so, bernie sanders is ahead with independents neck and neck race at this moment. >> i just told how is going to win. >> i know bill o'reilly already told how is going to win. >> bernie. >> have not called a winner this state yet there is a look at the independents number. see very well. >> that's what is going to put bernie over the top. independents, absolutely. >> in terms of the honest and trustworthy number, she had record high for those who believe she is not honest and trustworthy 44%. yet 53% believe she is.
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she is not that worried about indiana. her overall numbers is very strong and she looks like she will make it through this process and secure the nomination. >> when you say she is not worried about winning it because she is so far ahead. >> we are going to talk to two democrats later. she didn't even take out a tv ad not one in the whole state. >> no. not one ad. >> what caught my eye and i want you to explain it to me because i display it wrong in the exit polling is that a substantial number of republican voters will not say they will not vote for donald trump if he gets the nomination. what's that all about? >> this is what the number is these are people who voted for ted cruz or donald trump. people who did not vote for trump. then you break that down and say where are you going to go? 51% of them say they will never vote for trump. they are in the quote never trump crowd. the question is where will they go? will some of them potentially go to hillary clinton? will they stay home? and then you see how the numbers stack up. >> it looks to me like it's going to be 55% 45% on a combination of kasich and cruz will get 45% of the
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vote in indiana and trump will get 55%. that means that 45% of republicans, you cut that in half, what did you say 44% won't vote? >> 51%. >> so half of that -- if that holds, hillary clinton would win indiana which is a republican state. always goes republican if that holds. trump has a good point is that the whole thing is going to turn around, the whole dynamic once it's a one-on-one that number caught my eye. >> it is a very interesting number. and it goes -- i mean, this is a dug-in never trump crowd. what we are seeing also is that republican voters in indiana, 60% of them say that they believe this process has divided their party there is a rift. >> there is a big rift. no doubt seeing numbers bear out in indiana tonight. ' he believes can he bring some of those numbers over. he believes those numbers will not stay at 51%. got ugly in indiana. >> thank you for bringing that up. i'm not going to use the
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attacks that tid cruz made on donald trump. i haven't done that the whole time. we call it ad hominem to the man attacks unless there is somebody here to apply it if cruz were here i would use it what are you doing or if trump were here do you want to reply? just to use them because cruz got frustrated today and he laid out donald trump in a very personal way. >> one last thing but he won the late deciders. problem is there weren't a lot of late deciders. late deciders have to have him and his campaign looking at that number what if we did this earlier? >> no, he should not have done it. >> some of it may have been. >> you do it face to face, you don't do it. >> that's what he said initially. >> those personal attacks. i said this about boehner the other day when he attacked cruz. okay? no. that's wrong. and we don't want to be a part of it nice job as always, martha. we appreciate it next on the
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rundown. charles krauthammer on what happens now for the republican party. and, later, gutfeld and mcguirk with their unique view on the indiana vote. also, if the candidates speak during this hour, you will hear them. factor is coming right back. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
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unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. continuing now with the indiana vote joining us from washington charles krauthammer. so you heard the exit polling and obviously republican party is divided. obviously there are people, republicans who will not vote for donald trump no matter what is that a significant issue, do you believe? >> i believe it's highly significant. when you have splits in the party that go unresolved, you generally lose. look at 1980 on the democratic side a bittered campaign between the incumbent jimmy carter and
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ted kennedy, the challenger. they kind of held hands for a minute at the end of the convention. they never rec son soiled. the party was shown of course reagan was a strong opponent. you go back to '76, reagan and ford. neck and neck, undecided before the kansas city convention and they lost narrowly in the general election. but they still lost did you know reagan wouldn't vote for ford? did you know that? >> whether he did or not, the question is did his followers? >> no. no but reagan himself, if you read "killing reagan," i'm sure you have. you just forgot that part. he wouldn't vote for ford and neither would nancy. they were vocal about it you are right. this is a split in it. here is what trump says. and trump is going to be on tomorrow with us. trump says you know what? i don't need all of this. i'm going to create a new constituency. i'm going to create voters who are going to come to me
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from democratic precincts from precincts from independents that kind of thing. that's what he believes. is he not going to pander. is he going to be himself and try to get this whole new cabal in to vote for him. >> i agree. if i were trump, that would be my route. your route to winning the presidency is to flip a few of the traditionally blue states, particularly in the rust belt industrial states that have suffered with whom trump has had some affinity in running as in the primary system. and if he can achieve that hold on to the traditional republican base he will win. on the other hand, can you look at this from raw demographics. >> bologna, i don't believe that. >> if you have a 3 to 1 disadvantage among women which he now has. >> if can he persuade up
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against hillary one-on-one and he has got, you know, six months to do it that's all going to go away. it's just how effective is he going to be one-on-one. i have got it ask you this question. you know trump gives you jazz all day long and rove and a lot of the conservative establishment in washington are i guys really angry? there is a "wall street journal" column today by bret stephens is he really teed trump is going to get it. are your guys angry down there? >> i don't have guys. i have myself and conscience. >> you have colleagues. cocktail party folks. >> you may not know this, if you had read my own book you know i don't go to cocktail parties but then, again, i don't expect you to have read it. [ laughter ] , look, the problem is, this and it's a very unusual one historically,ing what we are just witnessing happening
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tonight is one the major american parties changing its political ideology radically, it was until now the last 50 years. going all the way back to perhaps eisenhower the conservative party in the country. as of tonight, it's being led by a nonconservative. >> populist. >> populist. >> right. >> pop plism populism is a perfectly legitimate policy but it's not conservatism. this has not happened for the democrats either. new universe a lot of people say i signed on to be a republican because i'm a conservative. >> yeah. but there are going to be just as many people who say i'm not a doctrine conservative i want someone who is going to shape things up and get phony politicians out on their ears. those people are more in number an the idealogues. i believe that. >> if you are right, then
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trump will be president in january of next we're. >> okay. i'm not going to go that far because i do believe that the country is changing demographically and it is going to have to be a state by state gradual and what we saw in the exit poll isn't good news for donald trump a good 25, 30% say no way i'm going to vote for him. we saw that in virginia where he didn't do well at all, trump. these are states he desperately needs. you didn't answer my question and you were very clever about doing it. >> do i look -- >> are they angry that trump has got it. >> my answer is i have no idea what the so-called establishment, if it exists is thinking. i can tell you what i'm thinking do i look angry? >> no. you look very mellow tonight, charles. but i think you are tired. >> let's put it as i'm
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resigned. i'm realistic. are you going to vote for trump? >> i have not decided what i'm going to do except for. this i'm going, as i have right now, to try to state what i sees a the future of the party. and the question is are we going to have a conservative program before us or not? i don't know but we will see. >> you will have a conservative platform in cleveland in july because trump knows he has to present a conservative platform. does trump believe it like ted cruz does? no is he much more of a practical politician. that's where he has been successful. the deal-making if he has to shake hands with the devil, he will shake hands with the devil to make the deal. is he not going to do what ted cruz would have done had cruz secured the nomination, which he will not let me just say what i have seen up until now heard from trump and watched him, i don't think i would be capable of voting for donald trump
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question is what do i do? i don't know yet. why wouldn't you be capable of voting for donald trump if he presents himself as a practical populist conservative why couldn't you vote for him. >> populist conservative is a contradiction in terms. >> i'm a traditional populist. i don't like to characterize myself as liberal or conservative but i'm a traditional populist. >> i'm not sure i would vote for you. [ laughter ] >> if you were on the ballot. >> see, you know me. that's a whole different story. >> yeah, that makes it worse in this case. >> all right. but let's get back to trump. if he presents himself as a populist with a conservative platform. why couldn't you vote for him? >> as of now i don't believe he is i think he has actually told us what he believes and he clearly is not a conservative. he said last week i am a conservative but even if i'm not, who cares? >> but his platform will be
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conservative. what he presents will be conservative. >> you and i know that a platform doesn't mean a damn thing. what has he been saying and what has he been advocating? that's what counts. there is a second issue is his fitness for office. taps matter of temperament and until now he has not impressed me with his temperament. >> then you have to compare his temp. with that of hillary clinton, do you not? , it's different. you have to ask yourself do i want a personal with that temperament to control the nuclear codes and as of now i would have to say. no. >> you know, i know trump. >> nice try, bill. nice try. >> my problem is that i know trump and i know that he deals he says things out of emotion today with the ted cruz father business. i have got to run the sound bite. it's beyond bizarre. roll it. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to
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ozwald being you know, shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. what is this right prior to his being shot and nobody even brings it up. they don't even talk about that that was reported and nobody talks about it. >> donald trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating jfk. now, let's be clear. this is nuts this is not a reasonable position. this is just kooky. and while i'm at it i guess i should go ahead and admit, yes, my dad killed jfk. he is secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> all right. now, "on the record," the cruz campaign denies any association. it came out of a national enquirer report. but, this stuff doesn't do the republican party any good at all. i cede your point there i know trump. he is not -- he gets emotional then he steps back and it's a different guy. go ahead. >> do you believe he thinks that cruz's dad was
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associated with lee harvey oswald? >> no. but i believe he puts that out there just to create mayhem and creating mayhem has won the election for him. has it not? >> well, what you are saying is the end justifies the means. >> that's what he says. he believes he has to win -- >> -- you're saying i don't care if he is creating mayhem, he won. i don't think that's the right answer. >> i'm not saying that you say okay, i don't want him with the nuclear code. and i'm saying to you, a lotof e odds of him winning the nomination when he began in june were a million to won and he won it by creating mayhem and it was a brilliant strategy it worked for him. >> he wins it by floating conspiracy theories that you know and i know are in twilight zone land. in the same way he led the birther movement. that wasn't ancient history. that was five years ago.
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do you believe that was always a reasonable pursuit? >> no. it got him attention and it got him the good will of people who don't like president obama. >> doesn't that tell you something about the temperament? >> it tells me wants to win and his playbook is much different than the traditional playbook. last word saying it's not a traditional one is one thing. but playing with absurd and kooky conspiracy theories is way beyond being unconventional it is disturbing. do you want somebody who does that in control of the nuclear codes? >> all right, charles. very good discussion. we appreciate it joining us now from long island is a man who might not joe the vote for trump either, republican congressman peter king. so,. >> bill. >> you don't like trump. you don't like cruz, how are you feeling tonight? >> well, i don't like cruz. that's absolutely definite.
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farce donald trump, i have no personal feelings for donald trump in fact i have to admit i will say he has donate to do my campaign in the past and holding hearings on islamic radicalization. weas one of the only national people who spoke out in my defense i'm indebted to him for that i have serious issues with some the outlandish and bizarre statements he has made. john mccain not being a war hero. george bush knowing about 9/11 and allowing it to happen. bush lying about iraq. allowing japan and korea to have nuclear weapons. disengaging in the middle east at the same time saying we have to protect christians there. seeming to overlook what putin has done as far as his aggression. my main concern is with what has been sort of incoherent foreign policy. having said that listen, is he going to be the no, ma'am thief the party. tonight shows that. i want to find a way to be able to work with him. i will support the nominee of the party. >> all right. so that's interesting. >> i will vote. yeah. >> you have to. he is the nominee.
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you said you are going to vote for the nominee vow got to vote for trump. >> right. >> now, your colleagues, in the house, and, you know, you got lindsey graham in the senate and they are noting noting two vote for him. others like that. do you think that the republican party is going to unite and say we may not like donald trump but year going to get behind him because we like hillary clinton less? is that going to happen? that will happen some cases but donald trump is going to have to show that is he serious about foreign policy, that he has who are of an idea that he is talking about shown up now. these are serious people talking about. >> i'm not talking about the angry establishment people. i don't care about them. you deal with serious thinkers. people like lindsey graham. i don't know what mccain is going to do. >> mccain is not going to go to the convention in cleveland. that's tells you what he is going to do. pause you know trump before than charles krauthammer
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does. i told charles a lot of what trump has said and done was theaterred that the only way he could win on a million to one shot which is what i think it was last june was to be this bombastic to get the media's attention to drive the narrative in a way that scared off opponents and that has certainly happened. and he played it right down the line and here is he the nominee against all odds. but the real donald trump, the real man isn't quite what he has portrayed himself to be. do you believe that? >> actually, i don't know. i have only met him once or twice. i met his brother robert more often. >> you know him in new york. you know what he has done. >> sure in new york. yeah. people who know him and work with him say is he a very reasonable gli like giuliani. >> yeah. except i think giuliani took policy a lot more seriously. i was with giuliani in the 2008 campaign. and i know how much he studied the foreign policy issues. >> giuliani is on board with trump. i mean hasn't endorsed him
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but done everything other than that. a guy like giuliani who you and i both know very well and we know is he a serious man, even if you don't agree with him is he a serious man. he understands the world. he knows trump better than i do. and is he okay with trump that would have impact on me because i have a great regard for rudy opinion. this is foreign policy serious. foreign leaders are serious whether you like or disagree with them. they have to know where we are coming from one of the criticisms i have with president obama people don't know what he is talking about. red line not a red line. pulls out of iraq too soon. >> hillary clinton is going to have to run on foreign policy and iraq plon up now. >> donald trump has to show he has coherent foreign policy so when he does make a decision our allies will say. >> here's what's going to happen, okay? >> okay. >> and i have been wrong. i'm bragging tonight. i have been absolutely right since june although i have
5:25 pm
to admit i never thought trump would have the nomination but once he got the momentum. is he going to appoint rudy giuliani as director of homeland security. he is going to appoint chris christie as attorney general. he is going to appoint ben carson as health and human services director, probably. this is what is he going to do. is he going to load it on up. vp i have no idea. all right? but is he going to get people establishment republicans trust and like. that's how is he going to build it do you disagree? >> i would hope he does that guy like rudy giuliani will be tremendous asset to the administration. >> i don't know if the mayor will take it, but he will be offered it. >> well, that would be a great employment could more things like that and show he is serious and knock off the stuff about lee harvey ozwald. that detracts from him trying to coalesce. i don't care with the about the establishment or anyone's feelings i care about security and national
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defense. he hasn't shown enough yet. he has time to do it. is he a mart guy. >> we will talk to him tomorrow night as i mention to do see what the strategy change is because he does have the nomination and all of this delegate count doesn't really mean anything. you can't stop him now. we're looking at carly fiorina who is ted cruz's choice for v.p. which, you know, cruz, you have got to hand it to cruz. he waged an energetic campaign. he tried very, very hard. i didn't like what he did today. but i would give him a b on the campaign he stayed true to his value testimony system. it didn't work for him. i know you didn't like him because he said stuff and made it hard for people to compromise and all of that i think you have got to give cruz a little bit of credit for waging an energetic campaign, do you not. >> i don't want to give him credit for anything. listen, he has caused more damage and deceitful. i don't like the guy one good thing he did was picking fiorina. she is outstanding.
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i would hope they would find a place for her in the administration. >> i don't think they will find a place for her because she has animus toward. you know what's interesting, marco rubio down in florida has been making some friendly gestures to trump. that tells me that trump has reached out to the senator and i hate that word reached out. as a possible vp situation. all right. because as you know. >> great choice that would be outstanding choice. >> he is not going to run for senate again. don't be surprised if aruba gets the nod for vp. ted cruz is approaching. congressman, i can't thank you enough for helping us out on a busy night. >> bill, if you want to pick ted cruz over me, so be it. what can i tell you. my heart i⌜)u broken. >> got to go because news is breaking. god bless the hoosier state.
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let me tell you about the america that i love. our nation is an exceptional nation. we were founded by risk takers and pioneers. brave men and women who put everything on the line for freedom. we began with a revolutionary idea that our rights don't come from kings or queens or even presidents. but from god almighty. [ applause ] that every one of us has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [ applause ] and that to protect those rights, the constitution serves as chains to behind the mischief of government. [ applause ]
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for more than two centuries we have protected those rights. we believe in equal rights for everybody that everybody deserves dignity and respect. whether they agree with you or not. that there will always be evil in the world and injustice in the world, but america stands up to it and confronts it. [ applause ] even from a montgomery jail our voice for justice and equality rings out for the ages. america is hopeful, optimistic. america is kind. we are not boastful or mean-spirited. >> donald trump is brawrst. >> america is brave. we keep our word.
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and we believe in peace and strength. [cheers and applause] we have spilled more blood, spent more treasure in defense of liberty than any country in history. yet we do not engage in wars of conquest. we do not seek to inrich ourselves at our neighbor's expense. america is the land that gave my mom an irish italian girl growing up in working class family the chance to be the first in her family ever to go to college, to become a pioneering computer programmer in the 1950s. [ applause ] >> i love you mom. america is the land that welcomed my father as a pennyless immigrant.
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he had seen oppression, prison, and torture in cuba. and for him, america was hope. it was opportunity. in 1957, if someone had told that teenager washing dishes for 50 cents an hour that one day his son would be elected to the senate and he would get a chance to cast his ballot for his son to be president of the united states. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] that teenage immigrant washing dishes could never have believed it. and, yet, that's exactly
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what happened. only in america. [cheers and applause] >> in recent months a lot of people have been talking about what happened 40 years ago at the republican convention in kansas city. our party's last contested convention. when i look back at that convention in missouri, i think of the speech that ronald reagan gave to our party. he spoke not of the next four years he saw not the close horizons that are of interest to those who seek to build their own fortunes in the short-term but instead he looked to the distant times that concerned the men and women whose purpose it is to secure the blessings of liberty to their posterity. ronald reagan spoke of the next 100 years and of the generations of americans who would come to know whether
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our nation had escaped the existential threat of war. who would know whether our party had succeeded in its fight against the erosion of constitutional freedoms that only grow and multiply under rule of the democratic party. ronald reagan spoke of the purpose that defined our party then and that must unite and drive our party now. [ applause ] the republican party of ronald reagan and of george herbert walker bush ensured that thousands of nuke collar missiles that the soviet union and united states targeted at each other never fired and that soviet communism was assigned to the ash heap of history. [cheers and applause] they fought hard so that our
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american freedoms were not lost to any foreign foe nor sacrificed in pursuit of any domestic agenda of the democratic party. yet, the challenges we face today remain as great as ever. americans are deeply frustrated and desperately want to change the path that we are on. we have economic stagnation at home and our constitutional rights are under assault. >> that's right. >> under the obama-clinton foreign policy russia has emerged as resurgent threat. china looks with covetous eye on our allies in the region. a nuclear north korea and a near nuclear iran yes or no to devastate homeland and radical islamic terrorism unleashes an evil that threatens the world.
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this year, two weeks before our party gathers in cleveland all americans will celebrate the 240th birthday of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] american parents and grandparents will watch the fireworks with their kids and will dream of the grandchildren and great grandchildren to come and wonder how those future generations of americans will remember what we do not only this summer but in the coming decades. will we rise to face the challenges that meet our nation on the international stage? or will we withdraw and cower timidly from the world? >> no. >> will we secure freedom of thought, expression and religion for future generations? [cheers and applause]
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or will resuccumb to the tyranny of a political correctness and the temptation of racial politics and balkan here at home? will we hold fast to rewarding talents hard work and industry? or will we continue on that path of creeping socialism that incentivizes appear appear that's and dependency? will we deliver control of healthcare to citizens and their doctors? >> yes. or will we continue down the road to socialized medicine? will we keep america safe from the threats of nuclear war and atomic terrorism? >> yes. >> or will repass on to future generations a land devastated and destroyed by the enemies of civilization? >> no. >> this is the
5:37 pm
responsibility with which we have been charged by history. this is our challenge. this is the fight that falls to our generation. when we launched this campaign. 13 months ago, why saw a movement grow. the pundits all said it was hopeless. but we saw over 300,000 volunteers all across this nation. [cheers and applause] over 1.5 million contributions, averaging about $06 each. [cheers and applause] many of those volunteers, many of those contributions you never forget. just a few days ago, two young kids, ages 4 and 6
5:38 pm
handed me two envelopes full of change. all of their earnings from their lemonade stand. they wanted the campaign to have it. that's what built this campaign. that's what fueled this movement. [cheers and applause] thank you to each of you, incredible patriots who have fought so hard to save our nation. >> we'll fight with you. [cheers and applause] >> and i can with -- and i with you. i am so grateful to you, to my amazing wife heidi. [cheers and applause]
5:39 pm
to our precious girls caroline and catherine. [cheers and applause] to my mom, the prayer warrior. [cheers and applause] to my dad who has traveled this nation preaching the gospel. [cheers and applause] to carly fiorina who has been incredible, phenomenal, running mate. [cheers and applause] [chanting carlie] >> what you have done, the movement that you have started is extraordinary.
5:40 pm
i love each and every one of you. >> we love you. from the beginning, i have said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say. >> no. >> it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> no. >> together, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we have got. but the voters chose another path. and with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending
5:41 pm
our campaign. >> no. >> but hear me now, i am not suspending our fight for liberty. [cheers] i am not suspending our fight to defend the constitution. [ applause ] to defend the judeo-christian values that built america. [ applause ] our movement will continue and i give you my word that i will continue this fight with all of my strength and all of my ability. [inaudible] [ applause ] >> you are extraordinary and we will continue to fight next week and next month and next year and together we will continue as long as god grants us the strength to
5:42 pm
fight on. >> all right. ted cruz calling it quits. kind of unexpected. but, a very dramatic speech. again as we said before the speech we believe that ted cruz waged an energetic campaign and we congrats rate him for that let's go to washington. let's go to bret baier who knows almost as much as politics as i do standing there. are you surprised by cruz bailing out? you know, indiana, bill, was really the moment. if he couldn't win indiana, it was going to be a tough path. think about where cruz has come. he was the biggest upset winner in texas when he ran for senate in the republican primary there in 2012. amid a big push back from people like congressman king and john boehner and others, mitch mcconnell who said they could never get along with him.
5:43 pm
and he ran a race that really surprised people. and he essentially was the last man standing, although john kasich is saying is he still -- he is still. in he was getting the most votes besides donald trump. and basically, cruz ran in to the trump buzz saw. >> sure. i mean, trump has beat him outright. he just beat him. it's just like an nba game. he just beat him. now, kasich doesn't have any money. he is out of money. you figure he will -- i don't know, john is pretty feisty guy. is he not going to get it on the delegate count or all of that. we said that as you know, bret. after new york that it was over for trump. so i guess kasich is going to have to close up shop, too, right? >> as of tonight, with ted cruz getting out of this race, bill, donald trump will be the g.o.p. nominee. barring something
5:44 pm
cataclysmic. the numbers are just there. and without cruz in this race, that vote will not be split and the rest of the states will overwhelmingly go towards donald trump. so john kasich will get that message at some point and we will see if he is getting out of the race as well. the never trump group released a statement saying they are going to fight on because they are concerned about down ballot races. >> let me stop you there. who is the never trump group? is there a leader of this group or they just go door to door trick or treating? who are they? who are the never trump group? >> they have a super pac. they have. >> who is they? is there a leader? somebody we can get on the program? >> well, they is a spokesperson in tim miller as far as who is the leader of the group katie packer person in particular running that super pac. a lot of different people have funded that. but i bet you that also goes
5:45 pm
by the wayside. tonight ends it. tonight is the end. >> what about i call the race for hillary clinton, you know, and i said -- i'm sorry, for bernie sanders, i'm delirious here. i called the race for bernie sanders when you and miss megyn on the air by the exit polling i saw. we haven't talked about them. you guys haven't called that yet? >> right. because we are seeing the exit polls are a little screwy. and we are not convinced that the exit polls are matching the raw vote total. it does seem like bernie sanders has a lead but there are some more districts that we want to see before making the official race call. >> you are not going to say. >> significantly from the exit polls. >> you are not going to say that i'm wrong. >> i would never say that we would just say you didn't have all the information at the time. but bernie sanders is going to beat her, hillary clinton. but. >> it looks like it. >> it doesn't matter though. it doesn't matter. >> delegate-wise it doesn't matter.
5:46 pm
with the super delegates there is no way that she is not going to get to the(sn÷u number if you look at the math. is he going to argue that it's a rigged system and that super delegates should not be the determining factor. those are the free agents who can vote however they want to at the convention. >> but he will stay -- the barn burner will stay until the end, right? >> he wants to alter the platform and have an influence. >> it's still cold in vermont why does he want to go back there? it's freezing. have you ever been there in the spring? it's like 14 degrees. >> companies cold. >> go out to california. it's nice out there. he wants his message to be heard like we haven't heard it already. 85,000 times. democrats will put pressure on him, too. now tonight the republicans have essentially a presumptive nominee. they are going to put pressure on bernie sanders because they want to have hillary clinton cleared to start running against donald trump.
5:47 pm
bernie is not a big pressure guy. he could pack it he could. i understand what you are saying there. they will put -- do the right thing for the party and that kind of thing. give him a big slot in the convention in philadelphia. all right. we appreciate it, bret. and you guys will have the bernie sanders call. >> make the call, yeah. >> and then you will remind everybody that i made it first, right? >> of course. >> all right. thanks, bret. with us now here in new york city is leslie marshall and from boston, massachusetts mary ann marsh. both democrats. trump is supposed to come out. if he does, obviously we have to go trump because is he now the nominee. here is what i don't understand, meash ann, were secretary clinton didn't do any$á ads in indiana at all. she didn't do much there why did she want sanders to win indiana. >> it was obvious she wasn't going to win indiana. open primary. not to her advantage.
5:48 pm
not a general election target. the fact is only one democrat won since 1964 and that was barack obama in 2008. a feat he did not repeat in 2012. she will still pick up like 40 delegates at tonight at least. she has already turned to the general election by actions like that in other ways. >> did you see the west virginia thing? she says to the cool miners coal miners i am wiping out your industry you will never work again and give her credit for showing up. coal miners saying what are you doing here you are throwing us out of work. i didn't mean it like that. >> she did. good for her for showing up. that's 80% of life. >> she should have won indiana had she done anything in indiana. >> no. she was not going to win indiana. >> it's only going to be. >> open primary. >> bernie is only going to win by 3 percentage points. you tell me she couldn't have taken out ads and done better. >> the fact is she is the nominee. donald trump and hillary clinton are the nominee for
5:49 pm
weeks. >> why doesn't she just go to miami and lay out on the beach for a little while? >> no, instead, she smartly went to ohio today and campaigned there. very smart move. that's a general election move. that's a white house move. that was smart. that was time better spent. >> what do you say? >> i disagree. no. she should have spent the money and the time in indiana. because we have a 50-state race. and i don't care what historically indiana has done. we have very different race this year. we have young millennials who are very upset with her. they are upset with the establishment. if she doesn't want them to go to trump because she is the nominee, she needs to show up. she needs to show up in indiana and speak to the blue collar workers and spend the money and the time. >> exit polling says substantial amount of republicans not going to vote for trump. >> right. >> mary ann points out accurately that historically indiana is a lock for the gop. >> right. >> maybe not this year with all this fluid stuff going all over the place. >> right. >> now, are you sad that bernie, even though he wins in indiana, that he has no chance? he is kind of wandering
5:50 pm
around telling everybody it's fixed? >> i'm not sad because i'm a hillary supporter. i'm sad that senator sanders has gone from somebody who look i'm an independent caucused with the democrats. i'm running. i have a message. i have a belief system. i have something to prove. oh, wow, isystem. i have something to prove. oh, wow, i could really win this thing. now i'mfá going to get mean and nasty and i'm going to further div'÷ the party. >> do you thinkb-q)nie should drop out? >> i do. >> this very second? >> actually, when he comes on and talks to you. that's when he should do it. >> bernie has been dodging me, mary anne. very r bernie famous putting him on before he was running. i'mq sure you think he should drop out, right? nominee. on i]sunday, the press conferen was like a hostage video. hefá was outlining how he was going to flip the delegates, the 3a1 uátt(uq&9bátáqp, have been the rules for 30ht years andxd people on his campaign helped design them. i think you're seeing the real
5:51 pm
bernie sanders unfortunately wh% isn't really interested inñr th democratic party. >> veryg they'rec going to send what's hr name in florida,ñi debbie wasserman schultz? they'll send her to okbernie'sñ house. that will do e1it. bernie will xdquit. >> no,'s not going to fallhfgr it because he has a message. he wants to take it all the way. >>e1 once debbie shows up, he'l do anything.c he'll do anything. trump says he'll get democrats, leslie. i think he will. i think he'll get conservative >0=iqm1ñc people who are not enamored with secretary clinton. i thinkw3 some of them are goin to vote for donald trump. >> the people who don't like hillary. the people that alignc hillary with bill and don't like bill and thehp+
5:52 pm
for like that phrase this year "the t(anti-establishment". >> he has to pick up maru anne, some democratic votes and leslie says she believes he will. says she belñ say?he will. >> i think that's true and i think you sawxd indications of that during the primary where in places likeñi massachusetts, ne york, pennsylvania, where ñr20, 24,ñrñr 25-plusñi percentw6of ds changed their registration to be able to vote in a republican primary. that takes a lot of initiative to do that. i think the trade issue in particular is something that's going to galvanizer rust beltw3 ironworkers, coalr miners,fá trade peopleok who -- me#:iq"dq$eh >> he's going to takeg you agree that's a qpossibility rj possible like pennsy is possible. but i think youfá saw, again, w( hillary clinton going to ohio today she's not going to take anyfá of the midwestern states r granted. they're important to allt( democrats. democrats don't have to win ohio to win the white house. republicans do. but if a democrat wins ohio you
5:53 pm
absolutely win the white house. you're on your way sv4there. >> you heard me earlier in the show lay out thet( trumpe1 ccab. giuliani as -- do you disagree with anye1 of those picks, chri and this isn't inside information. i'm just basically doing what i always do,xd deducing what#o$na trumpw3 needs to get more votes and more people to support him, to surroundq himself withñi republican establishmentq figurs that are well liked, right? >> i agree.3w but >> no. likexd ted cruz.e1 >> i told trump that he should send geraldo, mary anne, as r'a.p- that would annoy theok chinese much. they'd say, whatever you want for trade, just get this guy out of here. it's almost likew3 debbie
5:54 pm
beijing. >> and therelp go the three -- >> that's what he'll do. because trump needs to bring back in of the establishment republicans, and the only way to do that is to get other republicans tot( come into his cabinet whofá people like. look, trum#gñ is a pretty -- i don't think you,xdñi leslie, or, mary anne and i certainly have said this myself he would ever be in that position. >> i disagree. >> from the beginningko leslie marshall knew he would win? >> no. i said don't count him out. i live in3w california where arnold schwarzenegger was the governor, all right? when he said he was running, i >> big difference between california, though and the united states. >> i understand. but the cult of celebrity, the cult of personality in this country. when weñi look at mañrxd nellia whether they're democrat or
5:55 pm
republican minded are registered as independents and want to change the jftwo-party system a don't like the establishment. >> ladies, we're going to go now -- i raeally don'tñ gutfeld. where are >> we're over atfá cnn. >> we're inxúpk basement. >> you wising themñr up overc there? they still don't know it's not sanders is coming through. >> they still think o'malley is the evening? >> cruz got whacked like khalid sheikh mohammed's back. i feel bad for carly. i think she holds the world's record for shortest vp kandok daszcy. i think she beat schecky thompson from 1953. he was vp i think four weeks. >> i didn't know that. >> look him up. great guy. great guy. )> >> first of all, my condolences to glenn beck. now he can enjoy all
5:56 pm
ds he?;ñi wants. maybe cruz's dad did hav% something to do withokçó lee ha oswì(lc% >> no, he w3didn't. >> this is surprising. let me say this, mr. o'reilly. it's over. con'$kqu1q%=9muz cruz. he can go back to the senate ani eat his greig eggs and humble pie. i would suggest he carries afternoon mace. there's breaking news, bill?okq trump has targeted thee1 democrats. dtq ásjá$totxdxd with sirt((é@ and 0lcruz's dad did john wilke booth's taxes. >> mcgurt has been a trump guy from the beginning but not you so much, gutfeld. do you have mixed emotions? >> i'm deeply distraught, bill.
5:57 pm
i don't know what i'll do with control her e-mails and trump gets all of his information from forwarded e-mails from cat ladies. m allç!zez hisñi information lqhe doesn't dook any research. but he proves one important fact. he can get away with anything. think he's going to shoot m(5k prove that in the next couple od months. >> i don't. i thj you'll be real surprised about the pivot donó,u)umpfá takes. >> pivot is a good word. is he going to pivot to be presidential deshle1 or to alex jones? p. >> he's going try to build thee coalition of dissatisfied democrats, independents and÷ tr to woo the republicant( establishment through the appointments of thef ]eople i justc mentioned, mxdcguirk. >> absolutely. >> you're praying for that. have to unify the republican party. hillary clinton will do it for
5:58 pm
them. that's a fact. the only per#w clinton'sxd indictment more tha ñ -- he'll unite the party. feelings are hurt. people feel bruised. but in time they'll all come around andçó hillary is going t go down. >> well, it will be very, very %erñitrumpt will be very, very y
5:59 pm
krauthammer, just can't abide >> that's part of the successq f trump. >eyuezu rubio startsñi and trumd rubio starts, do&&d be surprised to see rubio as a second on the ticket. surprised. >> the jig is up for the hash tag never trump people. there's no other option. >> there is no other option.çó >> oprah.i] oprah winfrey the lpokoprah/o'reilly ticket o o'reilly/oprah ticket. >> he's onfá a security island fighting a ñiwar. >> could we gag gutfeld. >> you could be a third party, bill. >> now, what's going to happen is "the kelly file" and trump is going to come on. we don't know when. it will be shortly so you'll want to hear that. it will bexd very interestingfá
6:00 pm
tone he takes. i predict that donald trump's tone is going to be gracious tonight. we'll see. ruáup'ding. we'll have all of thise1 andc donald trump himself. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ñ see ya. breaking fol!5ñlp ining ton ted cruz just ended his campaign for president. at this moment, we are awaiting i'm megyn kelly onñi a historic evening for america and for the1 republican party. remember, it was close to 11 months ago new york businessman donald trump descend the trump tower escalator to announce his candidacy for the highest office in the land. at the time, critics believed his campaign would soonxd implo. instead, he took thet( politica world by storm and